Flood Re - supporting insurers to provide affordable household cover

Devastating flooding in recent years has resulted in a costly bill for UK homeowners and their insurers.  However, this has not been restricted to the flood itself but also the cost of obtaining insurance in subsequent years.

Who can help?

The UK Government has been working closely with insurers to develop a mechanism to both deal with and offer affordable flood cover for home insurance.  This is now being done through a not-for-profit scheme called Flood Re, which began in April (to be in place until 2039) and is funded by insurers. 

Flood Re aims to:

• Enable homeowners to find affordable insurance if an eligible property is at risk of flooding
• Help tenants to find affordable contents insurance if they live in an eligible property
• Help local authorities and communities across the UK to be better prepared for flooding
• Create a ‘level playing field’ for UK insurers, which means they can still offer homeowners an
  affordable range of appropriate policies to those homes at risk of flooding.

How does Flood Re work?

•By collecting an annual tax from every home insurer in the UK
•That tax contributes £180m to a Flood Re centrally managed fund each year
•The insurers pass on the flood risk part of your policy to Flood Re
•Flood Re then takes responsibility for that part of your policy and if a valid claim is made on the
     insurance, they will reimburse the insurer from the central Flood Re fund.

With this support from Flood Re, insurers should be able to provide more competitive pricing on household insurance for individuals whose homes are situated in “flood risk” areas.  It is estimated by Flood Re that over time in excess of 350,000 households will benefit by having access to more affordable policies.

Who qualifies?

Homes need to meet the following criteria for insurers participating in the Flood Re scheme to be able to offer affordable home insurance:

1. The insurance contract to be held in the name of, or on trust for, one or more individuals or by
   the personal representative of an individual;
2.  The property has a domestic Council Tax band A to H (or equivalent);
3. The property is used for residential purposes;
4. The property has an individual premium;
5. The policyholder, or that person’s immediate family, lives in the dwelling for some or all of the
   time (whether or not with others) or the dwelling is unoccupied;
6. The property was built before 1st January 2009 (and if a building is demolished, built before
   1st January 2009, and rebuilt, the new property is still eligible); and
7. The property is in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland (we exclude the Isle of Man and
   the Channel Islands).

For more information regarding Flood Re click here http://www.floodre.co.uk/



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